Family Counseling

Families have many moving parts and it can be difficult for families to figure out what drives problems. From behavioral problems with children at home or school, addictions in the family, risk or threats of suicide, triggers of past trauma, to hyperactivity, social media and gaming fixations, divorce and co-parenting issues, and step family integration, parents face a multitude of challenges in today's world.

Families are unique and each person affects the others. It is often important to meet with the entire family as each person affects and is affected by other members of the family. We use techniques based on empirically validated family system approaches including Structural Family Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Narrative Therapy when working with families.

Together, we address problems in the family, how problems effect each person, identify family and individual strengths, address potential issues in how the family is organized and structured, improve communication, and increase attachment between family members.

Positive outcomes in family counseling can include:

  • Decreased behavioral problems in children and adolescents
  • New habits and routines to increase positive connection between family members
  • Decreased conflict and yelling in the home
  • Develop co-parenting strategies
  • Increase the quality of relationship between children and step parents
  • Prepare adolescents for adulthood
  • Develop strategies against self-harm such as cutting or suicide
  • Develop strategies for families struggling with addictions.

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